What We Can Develop

Mobile Development Plans


Basic Plan​

Standard Plan​

Premium Plan​


Choose either iOS or Android platform for development.

Development for both iOS and Android platforms.

Cross-platform development using frameworks like React Native or Flutter.

App Design

Basic user interface (UI) design with standard components.

Limited customization of colors and fonts.

Enhanced UI design with attention to user experience (UX) principles.

Customizable color schemes and fonts.

High-quality UI/UX design with custom animations and transitions.

Personalized design elements to match the client's brand.

Core Features

Essential functionality relevant to the app's purpose.

User registration and login.

Navigation between main sections/screens.

Basic user interactions (e.g., like, share, comment).

All Basic Plan features included.

Enhanced user interactions and engagement features.

Integration with social media platforms.

All Standard Plan features included.

Advanced user interactions and engagement features.

Personalization and user preferences.


Optimize app for smooth performance on targeted devices.

Basic performance testing and optimization.

Thorough performance testing on various devices and scenarios.

Basic memory and resource optimization.

Rigorous performance testing under various scenarios and loads.

Advanced memory and resource optimization.

Testing & Deployment

Testing on a limited set of devices.

Submission to respective app store (Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

Comprehensive testing on multiple devices and operating system versions.

Assistance with app store submission process.

In-depth analytics and user behavior tracking.

Integration with third-party APIs and services.

Additional Features

In-app notifications.

Basic analytics for user activity tracking.

Implementation of advanced security measures, including data encryption.

Regular security audits and updates.